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Total Body Jumpstart

This 5 DAY DETOX will include hair follicle testing giving you insight into any toxicity that you may not know about.

Detoxing and re-balancing on a cellular level gives more control over your health.

Which we all need these days and it's a great start!

$187* will include:
(price will change to $225 after Early Bird Pricing)

1 Hair Test
 with Consultation

 All supplements

Facebook Group

1 on 1 help

Toxin Reduction Tips

Once you receive the supplements you will be set to start

The 5 day Detox routine. It will include taking the 3 supplements and 20 minutes of exercise/sweat a day.

You will get the benefits of balancing your body and start bringing it back to the homeostasis state it was meant to be in. 

Doing it seasonally is recommended. 

The Hair Test will be ordered at the beginning of the detox program but will take time for shipping and results so a time will be scheduled after the fact for the results.

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