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Maria's Story

My situation started when I tragically fell and severely shattered my left ankle. It was a snowy day in February of 2016, I slipped and hit my ankle on a section of ice.  I was 50 years old at the time. 

My ankle required several surgeries and holding it together today are 2 plates and 20 pins.

Days after my last surgery, I ended up back in the hospital with a terrible infection and  being a Type 1 diabetic that was not good.  

When I came home after weeks in the hospital I had an IV Picc Line to administer antibiotics a few times a day.  These antibiotics brought my blood sugars down to a dangerous level and my platelets dropped very low at the same time.


Regina was in contact with me quite a bit and was watching what was happening and began to recommend changes with vitamins and minerals while working within the realm of my antibiotic regiment; my blood sugars stabilized and my platelets went up within a few days. My pain and inflammation was also getting better so I was then able to cut back on some pain meds and antibiotics.

As you can tell I was a huge mess from this fall and Regina was there by my side helping me through and for that I am grateful and a lifetime believer in the power of what she does. 


Maria Rella 

Sandi's Story

You can trust Regina in all aspects of improving your health. After taking the recommended supplements, my glucose levels are more in control. I look forward to increasing health benefits as time goes on.

It has taken me a long time to realize that having someone like Regina helping with determining the correct supplements is powerful and a relief.

No two people are alike and everyone should have their own personalized blood workup before going blindly into the multitude of supplements out there -

Sandi DeFalco

Diana's Story

Being a type1diabetic I take many medications.  The blood work has done wonders for me letting me know what my issues were. Because of my results Regina has

been able to wean me off my statin medication without any loss of efficacy. 

Also, my blood sugar levels had been unstable, but with the use of the Nutraceuticals she recommended there has been a positive influence on my levels, even though I am still somewhat brittle.


Along with her help I have also gotten better with my ADD symptoms and my energy level has improved. I have less days of sleepiness because of her recommendations.  

Diana Blaszack

Grace's Story

I have never written a testimonial, done a product review, or anything of the sort before now. However, I  realize I would be depriving others if I didn't share what I have come to learn, love and experience first hand about Regina.


Despite Regina encouraging me to have blood work done to get to the bottom of some health issues I was having several years ago, I'm now aware I didn't want to admit to myself; I was in denial. It took me years to finally REALIZE she was right. Of course I regret not listening sooner and my first piece of advice would be not to procrastinate when you can feel much better so much sooner.


Regina is amazing on so many levels.  She is caring, devoted to her clients,  very knowledgeable, and supportive like no one else I have ever known. Regina is always available in case you have questions, need advice, or are confused about something. Basically she is selfless and goes above and beyond to check up on her clients (if necessary) until she is satisfied they are doing well.


It has only been a few weeks since I have started taking the vitamins I need to take to help with any deficiencies shown in my blood workup.  But I have already been experiencing some improvements (e.g. more energy, better sleep patterns, less blood sugar symptoms, and am more focused, etc).  It is early in my program and I look forward to many more positive changes. 


Regina is always available 

for support and I only wish I had listened to her sooner, which brings me to my second piece of advice which is as the saying goes "do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

Grace LaValle

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