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  Regina Radomski

Health Coach l Phlebotomist

Welcome To My Coaching Story

Working as a Health Coach came about in 2001 after becoming interested in the field as a result of my mother dying of pancreatic cancer and my father having b-cell lymphoma. For a long time my mother and brother dealt with diabetes and as other health issues were starting to show up within the family, I decided I wanted to be proactive to minimize my chances, if at all possible.


 In 2016 I revisited the idea of renewing my phlebotomy skills after my career was abruptly cut short in the 70's, out of fear, when AIDS surfaced.  After completing the course again later in my life, I joined forces with Cellular Testing when faced with pre- diabetes, and I found that their blood work gave me answers I was looking for. As time went on I was introduced to Food Sensitivities and found even more help improving my health even more.  The combination of the two test proved to be pivotal.

Up until that time, I dealt with Epstein-Barr, allergies, asthma and low blood pressure.  I gained control of them with isotonic vitamins and I was feeling great! Nevertheless, I noticed I was always irritable in the morning, yawning a lot, and every once in a while having a rapid heartbeat by just getting up from bed for a minute and laying back down. 

I really didn't think anything of this until I was diagnosed.  I remember that day well, I came home and cried all day scared; I had followed what my mother had taught me about blood sugars, so I thought I was doing everything right. 


After doing my research, I found Cellular Testing was not a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" answer, it was PERSONALIZED TO ME! 

Then I learned that food sensitivities cause constant inflammation if eaten regularly, in turn causes a multitude of issues in the body.

I also realized how much sense it made to look at your health on a cellular level and to pay attention to the symptoms food causes if they aren't good for YOUR body.  Once again reinforcing that food is also not a "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" answer.

 I have seen a mirage of issues in people; somethings I would have never thought of being caused by food. That made me pay attention, and I learned how micronutrients play a vital role within cells.  When there is a deficiency, it causes disease, when there's inflammation there are crazy issues!

These concepts had a profound impact on me both showed me exactly where my issues were and what was causing my pre-diabetes.  Up until that point, I had tried other forms of medications and herbal supplements, but unfortunately they didn't treat my issues; therefore nothing was getting better.

As time went on and I followed the protocol for FIXING MY CELLS, everything started to change and I was feeling better and better.  Now years later, even with major life changes and stress at it's highest, my pancreas is doing really well.  I am sad when I hear people have taken supplements and/or pharmaceuticals and end up dying or sicker than they already were, because they are unaware of what their bodies needed.  It shouldn't be; your cells will tell you what is going on, your food sensitivities will show you why you feel crappy most day ,then we will give the supplementation and correct your foods to Fix Your Cells.  

 I am working with other avenues that I've found to fix things on a cellular level also, including hair folic testing. If this is easier for you than blood work,  unfortunately this route does not test for food issues.


This is something that takes time and devotion and I am always willing to help you through the changes, as I will with any health challenge you may be facing, so that you can come out the other side healthier. 

Your dedication and my tenacity will get you through!

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As a Health Coach and Phlebotomist I think of my health and disease on a cellular level.

Do you think of your health or disease on a cellular level?

Do you believe there is more to fixing your health than what traditional medicine brings to the table?

How you handle stress and how well you take care of yourself feed directly into how your health will flourish or falter. 

There are many questions about your health that you must ask yourself.

As a health coach and phlebotomist, Regina Radomski brings her expertise and insight into how to optimize your health.


Wellness Care is important to you.


When considering your own health:


  *How do you feel on a daily basis?


  *Are you feeling your best every day?


  *Will you feel up to task when living your everyday life and the challenges that come with it?


  *Do you have a safe and natural way to handle stress?

With comprehensive and customized solutions, Regina can help you lead a less worrisome life.

  • What number best describes how you feel about your health today?

  • If you are unsatisfied with your answer,

                                Let's look at your CELLS and  FOOD SENSITIVITY


  • What health goal do you want to achieve? 

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“If you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for illness"


How Does Micronutrient Testing Differ From Other Blood Work?

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